The Birla Open Minds International School (BOMIS), firmly reiterate and restore what Tagore called the hallmark of childhood – ‘joy of learning’ and ‘the creative spirit’. BOMIS believes in the uniqueness of each child thereby fostering holistic development through integrated learning opportunities. We at BOMIS, Indore make sure that all the learning opportunities are child centric, teacher guided, integrates creativity, invention and innovation.

The Birla Open Minds Logo underlines the philosophy of ‘Transformation’ at all levels. A Geometric Triangular shape melts into free form- that of birds taking flight.

In Birla Open Minds, ideas transform into action, creativity takes flight and students are encouraged to constantly attain greater heights. Freedom of thought and expression aids the metamorphosis of the children into innovative and sensitive individuals.

Vision and Mission

The Birla Open Minds International School is an initiative of the Yash Birla Group. The Birla family has a legacy of nation building and understands the importance of
quality education. Today there are 130+ Institutions across 70 cities.


Our vision at BOMIS Indore is to address the needs of 21st Century by preparing individuals who are highly skilled, career oriented, economically independent, innovative and sensitive to the economy, society and environment.


  • To work in collaboration with students and parents to provide quality education in a positive and supportive environment.
  • To promote safe, healthy and happy environment to ensure growth.
  • To support, challenge and engage, thereby nurture the students for tomorrow.

The school focuses on 4C’s Care, Cooperation, Collaboration and Courtesy.

Principal’s Message

At Birla Open Minds International School Indore, we provide a strong foundation with the freedom to explore, experience and experiment. We aim to enable our students to grow to their highest potential. Our curriculum is holistic and includes inquiry-based learning, flexible and collaborative group work, educational trips, and ongoing assessments along with theme based experiential learning. This enables our students to embark on the journey of lifelong learning. A typical day at BOMIS, Indore includes studying some of the core subjects Math, English, Science, and Social Science along with special classes in Art, Music, Sports and Drama. Life outside school includes community service and field trips that make the educational experience at BOMIS, Indore more enriching.

Our Journey

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’- Henry Millar

Birla Open Minds International School, Indore began its journey under the banner of Yash Birla Group. The Yash Birla Group as an organization has been a strong facilitator in this sector and signifies its presence through ‘Birla Edutech Ltd’ (BEL). The Birla Group has been in the forefront among others in envisioning a larger social purpose of giving back to the society manifold and continuously contributed towards the constant evolution of our nation’s education pattern. It realizes the aspect that education embraces knowledge and knowledge is crucial for a better future & growth of our nation.

Birla Open Minds Preschool – Indore, started its journey as a preschool in 2012 under the brand name, Globe Tot’ers at Vijay Nagar, Indore. After completing successful years as a preschool and finally with the need and demand from parents, A senior school was established in 2018 at Jhalaria Road, Indore The school continues to partner with Birla Edutech Ltd. Mumbai, to ensure that the school imparts high quality education. was their vision and still continues to be, to provide quality education that will help in moulding complete personalities for the future of the country. At present, all our schools have been consecutively rated as the best schools in Indore for the last 7 years.

Accreditations and affiliations

As a school, Birla Open Minds International School, Indore strives to be appreciated as an active contributor to our local and global community in order to deliver best possible quality education and learning opportunities for our students. To assist with these goals, the school works with Central Board of Secondary Education to bring worldwide resources to our school and students.

Monthly Report

Puppet Making Workshop– On 17th February 2021

The students of Birla Open Minds Indore participated in a puppet making workshop for the enhancement of motor skills, improvement of self – confidence and social interaction. The Zoom meeting was attended by 75 attendees including teachers and students of classes V-VIII. The students learnt to make a Dancing Fox. Students were encouraged to write their own stories and use the puppets made at the online workshop as characters in their self-written stories.

PTM for Classes V-IX

A virtual PTM was organised for the parents of classes V to IX on 21st February 2021. Class teachers interacted with parents of students regarding their ward’s performance in PT 4. The parents were keen to know about the opening of schools for class IX. Some parents requested for extra academic support for their wards. Keeping this in view subject teachers will be conducting support classes for the students of grade IX.

Capacity Building for Teachers


An interactive and informative workshop on Enhancing Practical Skills/Projects and Maps in Social Science was conducted on 2nd February by Ms.____________, ______________. It was attended by the Social Science teachers at the school. Emphasis was given on Project based learning which is a student-centred pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. Practical activity can help structure a lesson and improve engagement and knowledge retention. Many students learn more easily by actually doing activities /projects thereby making learning more contextual, relevant and updated. It also helps in enhancing the Life Skills of the students. If possible different forms of art may be integrated in the project work. Using maps in the classroom invites curiosity, encourages exploration and inspires problem solving. Maps can be used to explore a multitude of topics and can incorporate visual learning, spatial thinking and quantitative skills into a lesson. The Resource Person explained how students can be asked to sketch a map of the schoolyard in their field journals, noting important landmarks. Quiz related to the subject of map, directions, symbols etc. can be conducted. Reflection should be done through interactive sessions such as exhibitions, panel discussions, etc.

Quiz related to the subject of map, directions, symbols etc. can be conducted. Reflection should be done through interactive sessions such as exhibitions, panel discussions, etc.

Academic Calendar

April & May(Pre-Primary)

April & May(Grade 1 & 2)

April & May(Grade 3 & 4)

April & May(Grade 5 to 8)

April & May(Grade 9 & 10)

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