Our objective in the Middle School is to develop the skills and characteristics necessary for success in high school and beyond. Through progressive teaching methods:

Interdisciplinary approach
Go beyond the textbooks
Connect knowledge to life outside the school
Shift away from rote methods
Stimulating school environment
Effective assessment system
Nurture sensitivity toward the environment, economy, and society


The Middle Years curriculum amalgamates the curriculum of all the educational boards seamlessly, and in this lies its uniqueness. We begin teaching separate subjects, but an integrated and interdisciplinary teaching approach is followed, wherever appropriate. The Middle Years continue to be student-centric where the onus of learning shifts from the teacher to the student. The methodology is constructive, taking the child from his/her known context to the unknown, from concrete to abstract ideas and from local to global issues and concerns. A wide range of innovative methods such as active learning, cooperative activities, inquiry, and experience-based learning are used in the classroom. These methods aim at developing competencies rather than mastering the given content.


    • Become lifelong learners – develop academic mindsets
    • Engage in productive behaviors such as setting and meeting goals
    • Work collaboratively
    • Identify problems and create solutions
    • Respect differences among peers
    • Discover independence in thinking and action
    • Increased metacognition
    • Nurture sensitivity towards environment, economy and society
    • Life skills development
    • Development of hobbies
    • Acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for betterment of mankind


We believe in providing engaging and stimulating environment for young learners.


We take pride in offering a dynamic learning environment where subject enrichment is paramount.

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BOMIS is a hub of dynamic skill development programs designed to empower students for a rapidly changing world.

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At BOMIS, we believe in the transformative power of reading comprehension. With dedicated focus, we nurture students’ ability to grasp, analyze, and interpret text.

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