BOMIS aims to make learning purposeful and progressive while promoting achievement of educational aims and objectives in a planned and positive manner.

Birla Open Minds Preschool Curriculum

 Celebrates the importance of these formative years by providing a strong and sure start.


Our mascot is charismatic and clever bird standing tall and proud ready to spread its wings and plunge into the high fight of creativity, collaboration and innovation for a strong and sure start. It signifies confidence that each child represents at Birla Open Minds International School.


OUR CURRICULUM draws on neuroscientific research and is developmentally appropriate, integrated and creative. It aims to instill care for self, for others and for the environment in our children.


Our approach honours the development of the child as whole: intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially across ages. It also recognizes that all children are intelligent and capable learners and will develop across and within these developmental areas in unique and individualized ways.
The learning goals that lead the curriculum, instruction and assessment are developmental in nature and ensure a “whole child” focus.


We engage learners through creative learning experiences. Creative expression across learning domains is invited, encouraged and celebrated.
Children are exposed to dynamic learning environments, challenges and choices in activities, open ended questions, and interactions with peer and teachers. Working with colors and textures, engaging with music and movement and a plethora of other mediums with ample freedom ensure nurturance of the creativity in each child.


Since children learn in different ways and learn better if learning experiences are interconnected or intergrade, our curriculum is suitable for them. It is theme based and investigate ideas from multiple perspectives. Our themes combine different areas of learning And become catalysts for developing concepts, skills and attitudes while relating this learning to real life. This learning ensures development of multiple intelligence in children.

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) helps students address their age specific interests and concerns, builds awareness, and promotes compassion and ethical conduct.
Children construct stories through a series of pictures or assemble toys by following guided instructions and illustrations. These actions and images gradually accumulate in our thought process as language and thereby act as a storehouse of past experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house cultural and sports events. Active learning techniques like free play, dramatisation, puppetry, Singing, dancing and cooking enhance their interest in learningv The Primary and the Middle School approach of using experimental and student centric methodologies continue in the High School years.


We believe in providing engaging and stiulating environment for young learners.

Our Learning Environment is cheerful, engaging and designed keeping in mind the needs of children.

Learning centres are resource equipped centres set up throughout the classroom where children engage in activities of their choice.

The centre of the classroom is free and has the celebrated circle.

The verdant environs resplendent with vegetable patch, garden, trees and flowers aplenty in addition to equipment for play make a vibrant outdoor area.

Table top (Large)

Table top activities are teacher guided and provide focused learning experiences for small groups of children.

Caring for the environment is a habit that is inculcated early in children. This connecting thread runs through the entire curriculum and the practices followed a BOMIS.

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