Sports is an essential component to the fabric of education. It’s a useful tool to build physical strength, understand what it’s like to work in a team, and most importantly, have fun.
Students are kept healthy and active throughout their stay at Birla Open Minds, Indore with regular games throughout the week, a choice of over 25 sports, world-class facilities and coaches, and the chance to regularly compete in inter-school matches.
By taking part in competitive games such as basketball, badminton, cricket, football, hockey, tennis and volleyball, students learn to work in teams and be more disciplined.


Volley Ball

Basket Ball




Board Game

Table Tennis




Schools play an important role in promoting healthy eating habits to children by providing healthily balanced and nutritious meals that offer an appropriate amount of energy and nutrients that the students need.
At Birla Open Minds International School, Indore Cafeteria is a wonderful place to not only enjoy great food but is also a great spot to socialize and talk about the day. It is a warm, friendly space where students are provided with healthy and balanced meals that are both nutritious and appetizing. Our chefs prepare everything from scratch, whether it’s a salad dressing or freshly baked bread.
Students have a wide variety of hot and cold food with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads at meal times. The school also caters to different diets, including food allergies and vegetarians.

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